Friday, 1 April 2016

Lisa Riley Weight Loss

Insights On Lisa Riley’s Transformation After Shedding off 6 Stone written by: Tom Serenity

Social media and the tabloids went abuzz when the red carpet actress impressed everyone with her rapid weight slim. This has led many to wonder how Lisa Riley weight loss is possible within that short time period.
She Lost An Impressive Six Stone
The Strictly Come Dancing celebrity credits the motivation for her weight loss from the passing away of her father as a result of cancer. In barely a complete year the star aged 39 had reduced from a size 30 to 16. She claims that she excluded fats from her diet in order to shed off some pounds and lose weight. She went out of her way to exclude unhealthy foods from her diet. 
What Has She Been Up To
In an interview with Bella magazine she argued that it’s not about going on a diet but rather your level of awareness and lifestyle changes. She has endured a lot from the early 6am wake ups, 40 minute walks and the late night yoga and zumba. She goes on how she avoids the lifts and goes for the stairs. Apart from abstaining from alcohol she does not take any meals past 6pm.
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